Christophe Ramaciotti Ferré

Christophe Ramaciotti Ferré

Sales Director, Mabrian

My professional experience is tainted by tourism.

I had the opportunity to work for the hospitality sector in luxury hotels and integrate wonderful teams in iconic properties in France and Spain.

I initiated my career within the customer service sector and then became Rooms Division Manager and Sales Manager in several hotels.

I am passionate about the link you can create with visitors, and I have always looked for the best way to deliver high quality service and fulfill expectations.

The technology developed by Mabrian becomes a solid advantage when it comes to attend tourist needs. We assist destinations and companies in their whiling to discover, understand and anticipate traveler’s behavior. Therefore, my duties at Mabrian Technologies are not that different from my past responsibilities.

Nevertheless, now I am delighted to be “backstage” and come across trends and conducts that I could not predict in advance.

Along Mabrian Technologies, I have found a world of opportunities where exploitation of tourism data is a strong value, and I am confident that our futures clients will share this new vision.